“Jeff is a change-agent who catalyzes action by asking “why” in ways that don’t put people on the defensive. His focus on the power of storytelling as a mechanism to help scientists convey the impact of their work was particularly effective. Some of our most important initiatives, including RTI’s responses to the Zika crisis and the opioid epidemic, benefited greatly from Jeff’s direct involvement and guidance….”
Tim Gabel, Executive Vice President at RTI International, Jeff’s direct supervisor reported to Tim (Since February of 2022, President and CEO at RTI International)
“Jeff was the Creative Director on the same account where I acted as the Account Executive. I have yet to work on an account where I am more proud of the strategy and creative quality of the print and digital work – which Jeff came up with and designed. Still to this day when I walk by the boards, I am taken aback by the beauty of the work.” Laurie Costanza, Account Executive, Ogilvy & Mather, worked directly with Jeff at Bowman Creative
“Jeff is AWESOME! He and I teamed up on an multi-faceted email campaign for a healthcare company — from high-level creative concept brainstorming to dotting every i and crossing every t on the final deliverables — and he was a joy to work with start to finish. Creative, detail-oriented, dedicated to putting out a great product, able to jump through numerous hoops amid crazy deadlines, all with a sense of humor. As a writer, I especially appreciated Jeff’s collaborative approach and lack of ego. It was a true team effort.”
Paula Rasor Avery, Senior Creative Lead, RTI International,  reported directly to Jeff
“As creative partners on several projects, I was impressed with his ability to consider – and balance – strategic issues, creative concepts and practical considerations. It was also impressive to watch him (over a period of several months) shepherd a very important and complex launch campaign through numerous client presentations and shifts in direction. These “big picture” skills are matched by a keen eye and a real attention to detail.” Josh Fraimow, a writer/creative director, worked directly with Jeff at Ogilvy & Mather, did multiple campaigns for PPD, Inc.
“We worked with Jeff on high-end design projects and on [TV campaign] concept development. Even years later, I still remember the pieces we created with Jeff and am proud of them. I appreciate Jeff’s collaboration skills and his positive, focused demeanor. I’d recommend Jeff.” Dave Harrell, Advertising Director, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC, hired Jeff as a Creative Director/Strategist/Designer, and hired Jeff more than once
“Jeff is a ROCK STAR designer who also brings strong writing and communication skills to the table.”
Colby Warren, Formerly Creative Project Manager, GlaxoSmithKline, worked directly with Jeff at GSK/Bowman Creative and hired more than once.
“Jeff is an incredibly creative, mentor and manager. I had the privilege to work with Jeff on several projects where he always elevated the creative and the team. He is a visionary who strives to tell stories with impact.” Hannah Sink-Hamza, Video Team Manager, RTI International, reported directly to Jeff
“Jeff is conceptually creative and strategically-minded and also has the skill and experience to take a concept and execute it with a craftsman’s attention to detail. He presents work well and takes feedback and input attentively.” Grant O’Neal, Marketing Director/Strategic Planning at Ogilvy & Mather, Durham
“Jeff’s strategic design abilities are truly impressive, and he attends to every detail, no matter how minute it may be. He has won many awards, and simply taking a look at his work makes it easy to see why. Jeff is also a great mentor to the young designers we have on staff. He is patient, yet firm when need be, and always goes the extra mile to make sure questions are answered and support rendered wherever it is needed.” Shelia Connor, Vice President, Marketing and Advertising, The Catevo Group, managed Jeff indirectly at The Catevo Group
Jeff is a remarkable strategic, conceptual thinker and designer/art director. He knows his stuff and his deep experience working with many of the best companies around would be an invaluable asset to any company. The highest praise I can give to anyone, though, is that they have a great attitude and Jeff has that in abundance. He’s a team player, a remarkable talent and a true professional. I highly recommend Jeff Bowman. David Watts, Group Creative Director, The Catevo Group, managed Jeff indirectly at The Catevo Group
I’ve hired Jeff as a freelance Art Director on several occasions. I have found him to be professional, hard-working and consistent. He always got the job done. Beyond that, Jeff is simply a pleasure to work with. He’s a great guy. Susan Burke, Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, worked directly with Jeff at Ogilvy & Mather
“When I first met Jeff Bowman, I thought, “Man, there’s a creative guy who has it together. He talks business and brand before all else.” Then I had a chance to work with him and quickly found that in addition to a boatload of business savvy, he’s one heckuva creative force, too. I’ve watched him lead clients through the intricacies of revamping a brand platform — and then execute ensuing strategies smartly and thoughtfully. He’s also particularly adept at making quite a lot out of very little; give him just a simple concept and basic framework, and he can fill out the rest, even if the raw material he has to work with is next to nothing. Plus, Jeff’s strong at every aspect of design, from initial conceptual design to full-on print production (and every step in between). He’s comfortable energizing brands of every size, and gives every client the very best he has to offer.” Joseph Gaitens, Director, Communication Strategy, The Catevo Group, managed Jeff indirectly at The Catevo Group
All nighters. Great file organization. Smart, creative approaches. Jeff is someone I can turn to get the job done right. Charlie Iachetta, Creative Director/Writer, Ogilvy & Mather, worked directly with Jeff at Ogilvy & Mather
“Jeff makes things happen. He can quickly pull together the right team to achieve the project objective. He understands his client’s brand.” Brigette Sullivan, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC, hired Jeff as a Creative Director/Strategist/Art Director/Graphic/Web Designer, and hired Jeff more than once
“Jeff astonishes me each time I work with him. His designs for both print and internet make us want to stare. Brochures that speak the client’s message and are also pieces of art. Commercials that are mesmerizing. Web sites that are a step above. Just have a gander at his portfolio and you’ll be just as impressed as we are here. Now, you would think that talent like his would come with an attitude, but you won’t find one here. Jeff is easy to work with, quick to laugh, great with clients, and fantastic at providing developers what they need to complete projects.” Sharon Brown, Web Developer, The Catevo Group, worked directly with Jeff at The Catevo Group
I’ve hired Jeff as a freelance Art Director on several occasions. I have found him to be professional, hard-working and consistent. He always got the job done. Beyond that, Jeff is simply a pleasure to work with. He’s a great guy. Sharon Norton, Art Director, Ogilvy & Mather, worked directly with Jeff at Ogilvy & Mather
“Whenever Jeff was assigned to concept and execute a deliverable for one of my client’s I knew it would unique, powerful and achieve results. Jeff tackles every task with one-hundred and ten percent. But I must say the best part of working with Jeff is being around his positive attitude. No project is too small or too large for Jeff’s taste as he attaches a piece of himself to each deliverable. Jeff would be a huge asset to any creative team.” Randi Garrett, Director, Client Services, The Catevo Group, worked directly with Jeff at The Catevo Group
“Jeff is such a talented Creative Director who I really enjoyed working under at The Stone Agency and now along side with AIGA Raleigh. One of my favorite things about Jeff is his consistently thoughtful feedback on design. Jeff truly is a wealth of knowledge in his field and has a positive upbeat attitude for anything that comes his way. I consider Jeff one of my biggest mentors.” Meredith Atwater, Graphic Designer, The Stone Agency/Bowman Creative, reported to Jeff at The Stone Agency
“Not only is Jeff Bowman an extraordinarily skilled Creative Director, but he is a great mentor. Jeff is delighted to answer the many questions a young design professional may have and gladly provides useful feedback on their work. He also has a great attitude that makes it very fun to collaborate with him. He would be an excellent addition to any creative team.” Jim Kennedy, Interactive and Motion Designer, The Catevo Group, worked indirectly for Jeff at The Catevo Group
“Jeff was the lead art director on one of the agency’s largest account that I managed. Jeff is a strategic, creative thinker who is unafraid to push the often imposed creative boundaries to get the client to think about approaching their target in a new way. The client liked Jeff very much and they were very pleased with his work. From a management supervision level, I found Jeff to be professional, talented and a pleasure to work with. Jeff gets two thumbs up in my book!” Ann Fawcett, VP Management Supervisor, Rockett, Burkhead and Winslow, managed Jeff indirectly at Rockett Burkhead & Winslow
“Jeff is an extremely creative individual with a great sense of design and style. His understanding of brand importance and the power of simplicity were very effective in creative the brand logo for our company. His thorough attention to detail provided us with the entire brand package that we needed to launch our company.” Randy Durham, Credence Pictures, BSCNC, hired Jeff as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2004, and hired Jeff more than once
“Jeff Bowman was one of the most creative art directors I ever employed during my 30-plus years as director of communications with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. He has an amazing ability to “stay fresh” with his designs as well as reduce his ideas into an actual creative product. Jeff was equally comfortable in print and video, a real asset as we moved more and more projects on-line. I can recommend, without reservation, the talents and products of Jeff Bowman. He will create a memorable design that reflects the best of your organization as well as capture the imagination of your most challenging clients.” Bill Boatwright, Director of Communications, BSCNC, managed Jeff