Bowman Creative offers creative direction and design services to deliver you the very best results-driven, award-winning marketing and advertising for you and your clients. We specialize in helping you develop, discover and define your brand for maximum impact on your target audiences. We’ve worked for a wide range of clients, businesses and consumer products. If it can be designed, Bowman Creative, can design it in whatever media is required. We’ve done everything from the everyday design; logos, brochures, web sites or direct mail pieces to the more unexpected; stadium, ribbon board animations, international retail production, complete brand identity or national TV ad campaigns.


Once we study your business definition, we begin a unique process that endeavors to do three things:

1. Discover you brand’s INTELLECTUAL APPEAL by writing a POSITIONING STATEMENT

How your brand, product or service is uniquely positioned (brand differentiation) in the marketplace against competitors and to what main audiences.

2. Define your brand’s EMOTIONAL APPEAL by developing your BRAND PERSONALITY

Define the personality or character traits that your brand, product or service will display to your target audience.

3. Decide where your EGO APPEAL lies by deciding on your BRAND AFFILIATION

Decide how using your brand, product or service will make your audience feel as they affiliate with the kind of groups, or tribes, that tend to associate with your brand.

If interested in talking more about how we can help you with your branding, design, advertising, or marketing needs, contact Jeff Bowman: jeff (at) bowmancreative (dot) com.

Jeff Bowman founded Bowman Creative as a sole proprietorship in January 2002 near Raleigh, NC. Jeff can work alone or build teams for any project at any size. He has worked part-time or full-time in many of the RDU area’s best creative agencies and firms throughout his career. Jeff has been doing award-winning design, art/creative direction, writing, marketing for more than 20 years.

Click here to download a PDF version of  Jeff Bowman’s portfolio of work.

Check Jeff out on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Thanks so much for checking out some of our work and philosophy,

Jeff Bowman

* Jeff created (M)ad Men Making Change, a blog to showcase people in (m)advertising who are making positive change in the world through charity and mentoring.


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