Hi, My name is Jeff Bowman and I am your “soul proprietor” here at Bowman Creative. My passion is to help you awaken the soul of your brand so that you and your brand can live out your true, boldest and best, vision.

Please take a look around at the portfolio with a sampling of some my favorite “creative” for great clients, agencies and in-house institutes over the years.

I work with you to do this in a few, different ways:

  1. As part of your “soul” team, your brand consultant, strategist, creative director/lead/officer, designer and/or writer
  2. I can build a team of talented creative specialists for you to get the best work done across channels and across disciplines, or
  3. I, and the team I build, can become part of your team; acting as your creative team for your most important clients (ask for a list of references who can testify to my successful track record working as part of their team).

Despite the various titles that I’ve had throughout my career, the one that matters most to me is the title of “Creative,” with a capital “C.”

Secondly, I’m a Brand guy (with a capital “B”). I’m able to help brands find their brand soul through my thorough brand discovery process that you’ll hear about in a short scroll….

“Where is the Brief” (creative brief, that is) is a phrase I’ve become known for throughout my career. It showed up here in a little birthday prank using my high school yearbook picture. This proves some serious research talent existed at Catevo PR & Advertising! Also, some hairstyles never go out of style, aye?
Brand discovery session I conducted with RTI International staff at the NYC Department of Health using design thinking to pull out insights into the brand’s positioning, personality and affiliation.

My philosophy is to never “whitewash” bad ideas or strategies.

I don’t do pretty for pretty’s sake, but design conceptually to engage the customer in the brand. I want the creative to be a natural extension of the product’s function for success. Function and form in perfect harmony.

My focus is strategy first that leads to strategic storytelling. I do this by asking lots of questions, interviewing the clients as well as researching and interviewing the intended audiences. An interview where we listen well leads to much better work because it leads to authentic storytelling about real people.

Speaking at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, Ca. on Strategic Storytelling for Science.

My aim is to speak to “THAT one person” and tell the most compelling story to that person that has “wisdom, wonder and delight.”* I specialize in helping develop, discover and define a brand for maximum impact on your target audience. Then, ideas, ideas, ideas. One of my strengths is brainstorming and facilitating others in the brainstorming and creative processes all the way to high quality execution. (See a visual example of this in an environmental form, below)

A typical day in the creative “war room” when I was at Lewis Advertising. I never met a whiteboard or push-pin wall I didn’t like.

Lately, I’ve been studying more about behavioral economics in marketing, and how to incorporate focused experimentation to gain insights to people’s behaviors to inform that storytelling. Why? I want to know that the creative I create will “work.” So far, I think that is working as I’ve gotten rave reviews from clients and solid upticks in their sales and brand engagement and awareness.

I have worked for a wide range of clients, businesses and consumer products. If it can be designed, me and the appropriate team I assemble can design it in whatever media is required. I’ve done everything from the basics of digital advertising campaigns, brand design, logos, brochures, web sites or direct mail pieces to the more unexpected, stadium ribbon board animations, international retail production and national TV ad campaigns.


Once I’ve worked with you to create a solid CREATIVE BRIEF for your project, we can dig deeper into your brand. First, I work with you to define what “business you are really in” (the true soul of WHY your business does what it does). Then, I walk you and your team through a unique process (using a few design-thinking fun and games, if desired) to do three, important things:


    How your brand, product or service is uniquely positioned (brand differentiation) in the marketplace against competitors to your target audience.
  2. Discover your brand’s EMOTIONAL APPEAL by developing your BRAND PERSONALITY

    Define the personality or character traits that your brand, product or service will display to your target audience.
  3. Decide where your EGO APPEAL lies by deciding on your BRAND AFFILIATION

    Decide how using your brand, product or service will make your audience feel as they affiliate with the kind of groups, or tribes, that tend to associate with your brand.

If interested in talking more about how I can help you with your strategic creative, branding, design, advertising, or marketing needs, contact me here: jeff (at) bowmancreative (dot) com.

I founded Bowman Creative as a “soul” proprietorship in the Raleigh/Durham area of NC (Research Triangle Park). I can work alone or build teams for any project at any size and any where in the world.

Since founding Bowman Creative, I’ve done a lot more than just work for myself. I’ve worked part-time and/or full-time [please send some love to the “perma-lancer” and “gig workers” out here, people!] in many of the RDU area’s best creative agencies and firms. Recently, I’ve had leadership roles in various great companies—agencies and in-house. You can find out the latest by downloading a résumé here.

Click here to download a PDF version of my portfolio of work.

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn or through my contact page.

Thanks so much for checking out some of my work and philosophy.

Let me know if you want to talk soon.

Jeff Bowman

* “The Strategic Storyteller: Content Marketing in the Age of the Educated Consumer” by Alexander Jutkowitz, Aug 21, 2017