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The Carolina Inn Sales Kit is a “Perfect 10” Winner in Neenah Paper’s Design Contest

A hotel capabilities kit campaign designed by Jeff Bowman is a Perfect 10” winner in Neenah Paper’s Classic Design Contest.

The entry, composed of gold and silver foil-stamped versions of Capabilities Sales Kits for The Carolina Inn, was selected for creatively combining CLASSIC® Brand Papers with style through design and print. Jeff is beside himself with excitement for being named among the Perfect 10 winners.

The “Perfect 10” came with a prize of $500. Upon winning Jeff told David Clough of Neenah Papers who presented the award to Jeff, “I am so grateful to Neenah for this honor and award. Though not a new car, it helped keep my “vintage” car on the road a little longer and drive like new… so, I’m just pretending it actually is! So, win-win, and thank you, Neenah Paper.”

Juicy, Sweet Blue Cross and Blue Shield Ad Brings a Smile While Fighting Obesity

This young actress was just too cute not to feature in the spread ad to accompany the TV spots. She put a sweet smile on a lot of faces.

Photography: David McNamara, Writer: Brad Preslar, Creative/Art Direction: Jeff Bowman

Brand Campaign Goes Nationwide with Bipolar Awareness for GlaxoSmithKline

Brand development and brand design campaign to help persons with bipolar disorder find their way to wellness. It has two main aspects: 1. B2B campaign including informative collateral materials to leave behind for doctors, etc., and 2. A PR, touring event campaign that included display booth info, ads for events, signage, AV support, etc. Some of the parts designed and produced: logo/illustration, identity, web site, brochures, flyers, event. programs, posters, ads, POP displays, ads, faxes, press releases, etc. GlaxoSmithKline sponsored this grant supported branding program, which paradoxically was a non-branded program for GSK themselves.

Art Director / Designer: Jeff Bowman, Writer: Lizzy Simon, Client: GlaxoSmithKline

Positive, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Anti-Obesity TV Spots Win Addy Gold and Silver

We chose to highlight folks making positive lifestyle changes in order to fight obesity in their lives; placing their images against a backdrop of an upbeat, positive song. Our hope was to positively drive them to the website about a very positive thing: better health at betterhealthnc.com and pay off BCBS’s positive positioning statement, “Your plan for better health.”

The response was overwhelmingly positive. The judges at the 2009 ADDY AWARDS also responded positively by giving it GOLD in the National TV, Consumer Services category.

Creative Direction / Art Direction: Jeff Bowman; Writer: Brad Preslar; DP: David Mcnamara, Collective, NYC; Editing: Homestead, NYC, Agency: The Stone Agency; Music: “A Bell Will Ring” by Oasis

We did one edit that was more somber in tone; to be used in PSA situations. I feel this proves that great images and a great idea can work in more than one mood. A great,  patient editor never hurts either.

2009 ADDY AWARDS SILVER National TV, PSA category.

Creative Direction / Art Direction: Jeff Bowman; Writer: Brad Preslar; DP: David Mcnamara, Collective, NYC; Editing: Homestead, NYC, Agency: The Stone Agency

Carolina Inn Story Book Sales Kit Wins Gold Addy Award

An elegant showcase for an elegant, historic, four-star inn. A capabilities kit with Wedding and business versions, 16-page, perfect bounded and french folded, plus covers, fly sheets, and pocket folders. A part of a total rebranding of the Inn’s image.

Jeff Bowman: Art Direction, Design, Writing, Print Production/purchasing

2009 GOLD ADDY, Brochure, Campaign

CarQuest TV Spot Features Heroic Technicians in Vivaldi-inspired, “Ovation”

TV inspired by Vivaldi and heroic technicians everywhere.

Jeff Bowman: creative direction, concept, writing and art direction. Film and CG: Indigo Studios, Atlanta, GA., Agency: The Stone Agency. Music: “Vivaldi, Four Seasons, Summer”  Client: CarQuest (TechNet Auto)

Silver Addy Awarded for 75th Anniversary Blue Cross and Blue Shield TV Spot

TV commercial to highlight BCBSNC’s 75th anniversary. This was a 60 second version edited for an under 65 demographic. Spots were shot and edited for multiple demographics and for 30 and 60 second slots. Some with voiceovers, some without.

Creative Director/Art Director: Jeff Bowman; DP: David Mcnamara, Collective, NYC; Editing: Homestead, NYC, Agency: The Stone Agency, Writer: Brad Preslar

This was a 30-second verison edited for an over-65 demographic with voiceover. Spots were shot for multiple demographics and edited for both 30 and 60 second slots; some with voiceovers, some without.

Creative Director/Art Director: Jeff Bowman; DP: Director: David Mcnamara, Collective, NYC; Editing: Homestead, NYC, Agency: The Stone Agency, Writer: Brad Preslar, Music: “Brighter Than Sunshine” by Aqualung

2009 SILVER ADDY, National Consumer, TV

“The I’s Have It” as Inclusive Health Introduces Itself to the World in It’s First-Ever TV Commercial

Inclusive Health needed to introduce themselves while simultaneously educating the general public about what they do in their first-ever foray into TV advertising. The spot had a LOT to communicate in 60 seconds. Plus, it had to resonate personally with the audience. Since their brand identity design was brand new and needed to be more firmly established in the public’s eye, I decided to use the  new “I”D  to “I”dentify with the audience. This was the first TV commercial in which I wrote all of the copy all by myself, as well as, my first animated commercial (basically, designing every frame, frame-by-frame). It was finished off brilliantly by my co-worker, animator extraordinaire, Alex Liollio (Catevo). Sound, VO: Blazing Light and Music.

Addy Win for BCBSNC Trade Show Exhibit Design

BCBSNC exhibit

An exhibit designed by Bowman Creative won a Bronze Addy in the Trade Show Exhibit category at the 2012 RDU Addy Awards held on Feb. 17th in Raleigh, NC. Jeff Bowman designed the main exhibit, table top poster and TV poster for the Xbox giveaway and consulted on the layout of the space for smoothie making, xbox giveawaying, content of the video loop and some of the accessaries (Granny Smith, anyone?). Comment from a conference attendee, “You guys always have the very best exhibits!” Art Director/Designer: Jeff Bowman. Writer: Susan Burke. BCBSNC CD: Brigette Sullivan. Account Management: Angela Viera. Production: Trese Haydon. Display Production/rentals: Margaret Frid, Exhibit Resources. Exhibit was displayed at the NC Society of Human Resources Managers conference in 2011.


BCBSNC NCSHRM XBOX Kinect table sign

BCBSNC NCSHRM xBox Kinect TV Poster