When “Sharing” Really is the Best Policy

“We Share” was more than a nice, social construct. For Coastal Federal Credit Union (CFCU), it was how they structured their business, and gave value to their customer. Working with The Stone Agency to break down this insight from the brand discovery led to an integrated branding campaign that changed how they were seen by and engaged with their prospective market. I had the pleasure/privilege of writing the brand strategy and brand messaging including tagline, TV and radio scripts along with new visual brand guidelines. I designed the brand lock-up with the logo, the brand guidelines documents, and creative/art directed the TV spots.

  • Overall brand strategy / Tagline / Brand Messaging
  • Script writing for TV and radio spots
  • Creative / art direction of TV spots (multiple product adaptations)
  • Brand Style Guide development
  • Brand messaging and design
  • Brand Identity Design
  • VIP TV spot also written / art directed

Jeff Bowman: Strategy, writer, creative/art director: Production: Fortify: Atlanta, GA; Agency: The Stone Agency, Raleigh, NC

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