“The I’s Have It” as Inclusive Health Introduces Itself to the World in It’s First-Ever TV Commercial

Inclusive Health needed to introduce themselves while simultaneously educating the general public about what they do in their first-ever foray into TV advertising. The spot had a LOT to communicate in 60 seconds. Plus, it had to resonate personally with the audience. Since their brand identity design was brand new and needed to be more firmly established in the public’s eye, I decided to use the  new “I”D  to “I”dentify with the audience.

This was the first TV commercial in which I wrote all of the copy all by myself, as well as, my first animated commercial (basically, designing every frame, frame-by-frame). It was finished off brilliantly by my co-worker, animator extraordinaire, Alex Liollio (Catevo). Sound, VO: Blazing Light and Music.

Addy Win for BCBSNC Trade Show Exhibit Design

BCBSNC exhibit

An exhibit designed by Bowman Creative won a Bronze Addy in the Trade Show Exhibit category at the 2012 RDU Addy Awards held on Feb. 17th in Raleigh, NC. Jeff Bowman designed the main exhibit, table top poster and TV poster for the Xbox giveaway and consulted on the layout of the space for smoothie making, xbox giveawaying, content of the video loop and some of the accessaries (Granny Smith, anyone?). Comment from a conference attendee, “You guys always have the very best exhibits!” Art Director/Designer: Jeff Bowman. Writer: Susan Burke. BCBSNC CD: Brigette Sullivan. Account Management: Angela Viera. Production: Trese Haydon. Display Production/rentals: Margaret Frid, Exhibit Resources. Exhibit was displayed at the NC Society of Human Resources Managers conference in 2011.

BCBSNC NCSHRM XBOX Kinect table sign
BCBSNC NCSHRM xBox Kinect TV Poster