NASH UNC Health Care “My Independence Day” Campaign

Real weight-loss surgery patients tell their stories of transformation from being obese to being extreme adventure seekers. After thorough research and listening, the insight came from hearing patient after patient consistently refer to their surgery as a red-letter day that changed everything in their lives. Each of them could proclaim that day, “My Independence Day.”

Credits: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Writing: Jeff Bowman; ACD, Art: Fred Arnold: ACD, Writing: Larry Chesney; Digital: Thomas Zawistowicz; Production: Forty Five Studios, Aaron Bowdoin; Agency: Lewis Advertising


Digital and Out-of-home
Web Site, Microsite, Digital
Rick tells his life-saving, bike-riding story after his weight-loss surgery at Nash.
Aaron’s deep dive into his transformative story after weight-loss surgery.
From grandmother to tough mudder: Merry’s story of getting back in the trenches with her grandkids after her weight-loss surgery..

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