Legendary, Historic Inn Inspires a Multiple Award-winning “National Classic” Campaign

This hotel capabilities kit campaign is an Addy Gold Award Winner as well as a Perfect 10” winner in Neenah Paper’s National Classic Design Contest.

An elegant showcase for an elegant, historic, four-star inn winning both design and advertising awards. A capabilities kit with wedding and business versions, 16-page, perfect bounded and french folded, plus covers, fly sheets, and pocket folders. A part of a rebranding of the Inn’s image.

Composed of gold and silver foil-stamped versions of Capabilities Sales Kits for The Carolina Inn, was selected in the Neenah Paper National Classic Design Contest for creatively combining CLASSIC® Brand Papers with style through design and print.

Jeff Bowman: Art Direction, Design, Writing, Print Production/purchasing GOLD ADDY, Brochure, Campaign

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