Novozymes’ Quickie that Moved Exhibition Traffic

This was a “quickie” in every way.

It’s the mid-2000’s. I was working at The Stone Agency in Raleigh, NC. After weeks of design on an exhibit for the client, Novozymes, for a big biofuels conference (pretty “edgy” for the time), it was on track to meet all the deadlines. A fun and crazy “gift” of a full-size bubble-gum machine with brand graphics was on the way to key B2B clients before the show. [Sorry, I can not find any pictures, and cannot remember why in the world a bubble-gum machine was the chosen idea]. Even t-shirts had been designed and were in production. So, I’m resting easy, feeling good that all materials are wrapped up for this very important conference for a very important client.

Then, the president of the ad agency rushes over to my cubicle in a bit of a panic.

President: “Can you design a teaser, conference packet insert-y thing, to help entice folks to go over to the Novozymes exhibit?”

Me: “Sure. When do your need it?”

President (big, sheepish, begging grin): “In an hour, please. I’ve got to show something to the client at that time! Thank you!”

Me: “But…(?!)”

President: “Thanks, I gotta’ run! E-mail me your design ASAP!”

President (doubling back): “Oh, and talk to the head of production. We want to make it a lenticular post card,* maybe” (*you’ll SEE below what this is, but if you don’t know, it’s a type of a post card with raised, dimensional lines in it that makes more than one image appear when you move the card back and forth.)

Me: “But?… but?..” (where did she go?)

I’m not advocating this kind of deadline, well, ever! But, sometimes a super, hyper rush can bring laser focus, and make you strip away everything except the MVP (minimal viable product) and can lead a simpler, more streamlined solution, mainly as you just don’t have time to get crazy with options.

In this case, three things helped make solution possible despite the rush:

  1. I knew the briefs for the other materials very well. Novozymes was promoting their bio-science abilities and technology on being on the cutting-edge of taking crops, like corn, snd turning them into bio-fuels in an affordable way that could possibly help to end the USA’s dependance on foreign oil.
  2. Luck. Finding some stock images that could do demonstrate, “Go, momentum, movement, from energy consumption waste to bio-friendly fuels.”
  3. A sense of humor over two seemingly disparate things coming together as one

Here’s a quick, video of this quickie, in its final form.

My quickie concept delivered in under an hour for Novozymes

Happy #Throwback Thursday. #TBT is a series of one-off projects worth noting from the past.

Creative Direction / Art Direction / Writer: Jeff Bowman; Production: Jason Barkley; Agency: The Stone Agency, Michele Stone, President, Client: Novozymes

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