The Carolina Inn: “Perfect 10” Winner in Neenah National Design Contest

A hotel capabilities kit campaign designed by Jeff Bowman is a Perfect 10” winner in Neenah Paper’s Classic Design Contest.

The entry, composed of gold and silver foil-stamped versions of Capabilities Sales Kits for The Carolina Inn, was selected for creatively combining CLASSIC® Brand Papers with style through design and print. Jeff is beside himself with excitement for being named among the Perfect 10 winners.

The “Perfect 10” came with a prize of $500. Upon winning Jeff told David Clough of Neenah Papers who presented the award to Jeff, “I am so grateful to Neenah for this honor and award. Though not a new car, it helped keep my “vintage” car on the road a little longer and drive like new… so, I’m just pretending it actually is! So, win-win, and thank you, Neenah Paper.”

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