How Hardee’s Rolls

(Series of regular #TBT Throwbacks every Thursday)

Hardee’s “Roll Model” Campaign Celebrates US National Biscuit Champion in a Big Way.

Out-of-home (billboard) posted in strategic location crossing into Wilmington, NC


Re-establish ownership of the original, “made-from-scratch” (TM) dominance of Hardee’s biscuits in a big way. Challenge the competitive brands’ attempts to steal the scratch-made mantra in the ever-important breakfast category for the Southeastern US region (where Hardee’s is still king of breakfast biscuits).


Celebrate Ms. Shirley, 3-time US biscuit-making champion and as a regional hero with an out-of-the-box, simple message that says a lot with a little. Personalize with a human-centered approach that “made from scratch” at Hardee’s means an actual human making real biscuits for actual humans.


Rolled over the competition’s false claims of being the original “scratch-made” leader, and solidified Hardee’s breakfast dominance while celebrating a local hero and the culture of the region itself. Created lots of regional buzz, and cultural pride in the region.

Agency: Lewis Advertising, Client: Hardee’s, Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc., Concept/Creative Direction/Writing: Jeff Bowman, Design/Layout: Fred Arnold, Lou Rigsbee, Account management: Phil Greer, Production: Susan Harper, Out-of-Home Placement: Lee Lewis. 2015-2016

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