Capturing the Visual Face of ‘Gender’ Issues


‘Brand’ an organization whose goal is to foster collaboration by building a network of multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary scientists, program evaluators, and technical assistance staff whose work has focused on gender-based issues and interventions. Also, show the underlying quest to end inequality, injustice, and victimization in our world.


Show verses tell. A Poster-like image of what equality and gender looks like. Our team choice to show the “faces of gender” in the context of the challenges of inequality, injustice, and victimization in our world that some of those gender groups face within the context of symbolic icons of equality. In a sense, we chose to show some of the many real faces of people facing bias because of their sexual orientation, their sex, status and age that may lead to injustices against them, lower economic opportunities and survival challenges in many cultures, as well as their victimization by others. Thus, a symbolic variety of several examples of symbolic faces of gender in the context of symbols of equality. Special note: Concept realized by great design work by Danielle Hennis


Overwhelming adoption, and celebration of this “poster” representation of the feeling and variety in their work. See more about the center’s great work here: Global Gender Center.

Graphic Design/ Illustration/Layout: Danielle Hennis; Design Manager: Shari Lambert; Creative Direction/Concept: Jeff Bowman; Writer: Paula Avery, Wendy Wechsberg; Client: The Gender Center, RTI International, Wendy Wechsberg

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